Need specs on 8" speakers.

Searched but could not find specs. Looks like an Infinity speaker.

Need the specs on this 8" speaker.

Frequency response. Impedance. Max power


902-5030 65607 7144E-22


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That did not take long. It will lead you to links for the rest of it. But, the typical speaker of that nature is w/in 3dB from about 500 hz to about 4 ,000 dB, and generally able to handle a 200 Watt amp that does not clip. Al l of the above depending on the crossover design, of course.

Peter Wieck Melrose Par, PA

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This replacements no longer available and then new replacement, neither has specs.

I do not see any links.

Please advise. wrote:

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You didn't google hard enough...


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Martin Riddle


** From that data sheet we learn the woofer is a nominal 4 ohms type with a polypropylene ( see through) cone with response to around 3kHz followed by a smooth roll off. There is no LP filter in the x-over.

The 25-100W power rating quoted is for suitable amplifiers, at 4 ohms, so the magnet should be at least medium size with a 1.5 inch voice coil.

Seeing as most of the sound comes from this driver, one ought to replace both in a stereo pair.

.... Phil

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Phil Allison

I do not know how to translate what is on that spec sheet suggested to the woofer only specs. The posted freq response seems very short.

I see replacement 4 ohm speakers with better surround material and much higher frequency response but not sure if they are proper to use as a replacement for both woofers (two per enclosure) in the RS-4 speaker enclosures.

Back in the days I just bought speakers from Infinity but now these are not available.

This will be the third set going in and would probably be more replacements if I had not just used them with bad foam. Seemed OK as long as the volume was kept low.

Locally I can get a refoam but the material is questionable and more importantly I can get new supposedly compatible speakers for less than the cost of a refoam.

And the replacements use some poly-mica material or unspecified instead of the material used in the Infinity.

I doubt I can do a refoam myself at age 75.

Anyway, there are so many refoam kits out there that I have no idea which to use an what the material is. I want the speakers to last longer than me so my daughter can inherit a good set of speakers.

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