LCD monitor water damage

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I have a 24" LCD, Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP.

I have a child in the family that got mad and poured about half a gallon of water on top of it.

At first, it turned on and displayed mostly everything OK except that there was this shady area at the bottom.

Now half an hour later it turns on and immediately turns off. It also makes this hissing sound.

Is this monitor permanently gone or will the water dry up and it will start working again?

I put it in front of a window fan for now.

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Why did he/she do that ?

Why did you do that ?

Would have been a LOT better if it was dried out before you attempted to power it up. We run PC boards (though not LCD monitors) through the dishwasher and then 'bake' them in a food dehydrator at 105 F for 17 hours (timer limit of the dehydrator). Point is, the water won't necessarily destroy things as long as the power is off. Try it again in a few days but don't hold your breath.


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I'd also dock the kid's allowance for the nextr couple of years!!!!

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Part of the problem with pouring water into electronics is that the water -- unless distilled -- contains conductive substances that can cause "misbehavior" or out-and-out damage.

You should not have turned it on before properly cleaning and drying it. You might have turned a fixable problem into irreparable damage.

Basically, the unit needs to opened, thoroughly flushed with _distilled_ (not deionized) water, then properly dried. This is no guarantee it will work, but I know of no other approach.

PS: I know you didn't ask for advice, but your child needs to be severely punished (not necessarily corporal), and needs lessons in self-discipline. And if neither of those works, beat him until he screams.

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William Sommerwerck

The first mistake YOU did was to even consider powering on that thing for at least a couple of days and even then there might have still been water in it.

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You should have not powered up the monitor in the first place.

If the monitor was connected to the AC, the standby supply section would be active anyways, and thus damage may have been done from the beginning.

To have a chance for recovery, I would have taken the monitor completely apart, disconnect all the boards and modules, open all the shields, made sure that everything is very clean, and carefully dried as best as possible.

Then I would have let the individual boards stand out in the opened for at least several days, or bake them in a convection oven at about

95 to 105 degrees F. for at least 24 hours to dry them off.

After re-assembling, there would be a very good chance that the monitor will work again.

Because you put the power on while the circuit boards were wet, there is most likely damage. In consideration of the facts, I am very sure that you will have to replace the monitor.

As far as the child is conserned, I would find a proper way to deal
with him to avoid such damage in the future. I would seriously
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Jerry G.

Why waste the money on a psychologist. Hook two wires to the kid. Stick one in his mouth, connect the other to his balls. Plug the wires into a 220 Range outlet, and watch the punk cook.


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