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I recently bought a bunch of stuff from another closed-out repair shop, and came across a rather interesting find. It's a very old can of Tech Spray Blue Stuff, it's nearly full and still works. I remembered that 30+ years ago (a bit before my time), many tuner sprays contained freon - some Zenith tuners actually had stickers specifying it's exclusive use. Curious, I sprayed a bit on my finger and found it extremely cold. Could this be a (presumably rare) freon-based product of long ago? And is it something I could actually use, on vintage TV tuners? And would it have any value to collectors?

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As I recall, "Blue Stuff" was a spray abrasive in a can. It was like a silver polish for the contacts, and will work well on SOME types of switches that are heavily corroded. You would NOT want to use it in posts, as you might polish the carbon track free of carbon. It was a product of last resort when gentler cleaning methods were not enough.

Freon is not magical stuff. It did work well, but went away because of environmental concerns. I'm not sure that some of the 'freon substitutes' aren't nearly as bad.

Current cleaners also will make you finger feel cold when sprayed.

Regards, Tim Bristol Electronics

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Tim Schwartz




Blue Stuff was a big seller to TV repair shops in the 70s. I used it and it was very effective for "turret" type tuners, not so much on the incremental type. Later on, Blue Stuff sold adhesive back foam strips which would be placed in the bottom of the tuner shield and sprayed with Blue Stuff. This would keep the turret type tuners much more stable as the barrel would rotate into the foam pad every time the tuner was used.

It was NEVER sprayed in RCA tuners as it carried solids with it that would aggravate the neutralizing capacitor and cause all sorts of havoc until the Blue Stuff was flushed out with Tuner Wash.

Ah.... memories.


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Most sprays come out cold, some have butane. I bought a couple cans about 3-4 years ago, NOS.


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