Has anyone Replaced a "CCD" in a "HandyCam DCR-DVD100"

Has anyone calibrated the camera afterwards.

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As a former service tech I can tell you there are no physical settings for the CCD they are all electronic and any pots that may find have little to do with it's settings.

To properly calibrate and re-regester the CCD you need three things. 1 a proper light box and test patterns. 2 the calibration / service computer or a computer interface with the proper software. and finally 3 Sony's manual for the correct voltage readings and waveforms.

I forgot to include the 20mhz dual trace scope and fluke VOM meter in my list of tools.

That is why when those required repair of the main camera functions they were always returned to Sony it was a lot cheaper.

As well as the procedure being lengthy and involve to the point it was not economical to service locally. The service computer alone cost over $500.00 at the time and was not a high demand repair tool since most out of warranty damaged CCD units meant the recorder was totally hosed and would cost more than a new one to fix.


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Gnack Nol

ELECTRONICS: From memory, the amplitude of linear array CCDs varies over a range of

3:1 amplitude over the product line. Do not know where, if any, adjustment is made to compensate for that on your system.

PHYSICAL: optically you'll have to refocus, get the right distance between lensing and the 'surface' of the CCD and make sure you keep that as a plane =3D> centering, distance, and tilt

We used to store data in nonvolatile memory during a 'calibration' procedure. Might require external system/software to do something like that

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Robert Macy

Robert Macy wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@n20g2000prh.googlegr oups.com:

Thanks to all who answered.

Got the camera for a "song." When it worked it was fine. Sometimes the picture was unclear though always 'a.o.k' when i used the A/V input and when playing r/w dvds. I replaced the 'ccd' without problem but I noticed the focusing had changed. It can auto-focus from about

6 inches to about 20 feet . Greater distances require that i use the W/T to focus on an object. I have the service manual and it involves quite an elaborate procedure. I was hoping someone had a 'quick and dirty fix' to my focusing problem .

For now I will use the camera as it is, but will try to shim the 'ccd' in the future [if life lasts] to see if focusing is better.

Thanks again

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A guy that can't spell his 'nic' thinks he can fix a camcorder [LOL]... My old and decrepit fingers have a mind of their own ...

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