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Any guitarists?

I'm wiring a 3 humbucker "super Strat" like this:


Two Seymour Duncan mini-humbuckers in the neck and middle position as  
per the diagram, and one Bill & Becky Lawrence regular humbucker in the  


The SD wire codes are black - north start, white - north finish, red -  
south finish, green - south start

The Bill Lawrence is black - north start, white - south start, red -  
north finish, green - south finish


I have it wired up as per the diagram except on the BL since the color  
code is different I have white on that one to ground, red to top left of  
5 way switch pin 1, green to top right of five way switch pin 1.

Switch position 1, 3, and 5 give the quiet powerful hum-bucking sound  
I'm used to. Something seems wrong with positions 2 and 4, though, but  
as I've only played a Les Paul or SG for 20 years I don't have any idea  
how splitting coils across humbuckers and running them in series is  
supposed to sound. I was under the impression that it gave a "virtual  
humbucker" kind of sound but it sounds thin and nasally more like a  
Strat single coil. Maybe that's how it is, don't know.

Anyone see an error in how I've wired this up or in the diagram that  
could be causing the symptoms?

Re: Guitar wiring
On 5/18/2021 3:28 PM, bitrex wrote:
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Think I found the problem, black and green look to be reversed on my  
particular model of mini-buckers. Would be nice if manufacturers could  
agree on an industry-wide standard with respect to this stuff but that's  
probably wishful thinking....

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