Goodmans (matrix) GTV76W2VPLSIL picture distorted at sides

So I turned on the old zombie box the other day as it was a special occasion (the girlfriend was visiting me in the new flat) and we sat down to watch a film. Now normally I watch 3-4 hours a week of tv, and

9/10 it's the simpsons, which demands my full attention so I haven't noticed this before. But as we were watching the matrix for the umpteenth time, I noticed that the picture was indenting on both sides - more so on the right hand side, and it's definately more pronounced when there's bright stuff on the screen.

My google fu is weak today - pulling up only 9 results from the model number (I presume its the model number at least) and none of them seem to help diagnose the fault without wanting money which I dont have.

The observant would have noticed that the TV is a Goodmans, it says matrix on the front panel and the only number on the back that doesnt look like a serial number is GTV76W2VPLSIL. To note, my girlfriend has an almost identical TV, only it's got a BUSH badge on it (no idea of the model at the moment) and the only difference I can see from the outside is placement of a few connectors.

i've seen this sort of thing before on tv's and monitors so I suspect it's a common problem, and hopefully one that's easy to remedy.

Any pointers on what might be the cause of this?

Thanks Mark

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Mark Fortune
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