fixed it!

So, you scroll through the CC options until you get to CC Off, as you have been doing with the button on your remote. Instead of just letting it disappear on its own, you have to hit the "Status/Exit" button when you arrive at the CC Off option, to confirm that you want to turn it off for good. Once you do this, the CC's should not come back once you turn off and turn on your TV. Hope it works!

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Fixed What?

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Colin Horsley

Was this in reference to an earlier post? If so, I've no idea which one....


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Shutting off closed-captioning, as the post made clear.

The poster was rather... naive. You generally have to press the "accept" (or whatever) button before a setting takes effect.

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William Sommerwerck

It :)

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Sergey Kubushin

Good for you! Glad to hear you figured out your problem.

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Michael Kennedy

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