Electronics Engineer just starting in the world of industrial PCBA fixing

Hi all, I am just starting into this world of fixing industrial PCBAs.

As you may know, in this kind of repairing, normally there are no schematics available, most of the times you do not have a PCBA in good conditions to use as reference of what is wrong and what is fine.

I just knew about the VI technique for these cases which is useful, but I would like to know more about it and about more other techniques to use in these cases to debug industrial PCBAs.

Do someone of you have blogs/books/nice online courses with useful information?

I would highly appreciate your help and advises on this topic.

Thanks! Regards

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Jorge Ricardo Rodriguez
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Try to get hold of a Huntron, Salig system 8, B&K 545 or the Tek / Huntron box and grunt your way through it.


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Did you hear about reverse engineering ?

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