Do latching footswitches always click ?

If something quacks like a duck ... Alpha M footswitches, have a definite click action by finger feel and by sound, but only a momentary action. Is there a flavour of momentary switch that has a click effect for psychological feed back to the operator? SPDT, 2 have 2J4 and one 2J3 white stencilled on the switch body.

3 such in a piece of kit only 3 to 6 months old, but now only momentary. I'll break into one to check, but anyone come across momentary switches with click action?
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I put in an alarm system years ago and installed one of those type switches under a desk. We used to call them "kick bars". If you're looking for a si lent operation then perhaps a company that sells alarm equipment might be a good source. Most modern alarm systems require only momentary contact to i nitiate an alarm though. Lenny

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