Cannot find Latching Relay

I am trying to locate a 'new' 6 volt DC latching relay (electro-mechanical). It can be either SPST or DPDT. Have not had any luck finding this particular relay. Any one knowing where this animal may be purchased?

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Check around for reed relay, they might come latching. Also you can turn a normal reed relay into a latcing one with a small magnet close to it, at a low current unable to switch it normally, the magnet "helps" it to just switch, and make it stick, when the current is removed. A reverse current would then break the latch.

Latching readrelay brought up 305 google mathes.

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Sjouke Burry

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Add a resistor to run it from 6 VDC.

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Homer J Simpson

Farnell list a couple of latching relays - the OmronG5AK-234P series includes a 5V DPCO part (Farnell order code178-444), as well as a couple of similar NAIS oparts, and a few fron Tyco.

Bill Sloman, Nijmegen
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I have used some I got from Buerklin (

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), ord. no. 30 G

7532. They are 5V, but since they are latching driving them with short 6V pulses should be no issue. An additional benefit is that they specify capacitance to coil etc., that is, will work at much higher bandwidths than most relays (although won't go as high as Teledyne TO-39 (39?... not sure) relays).


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