CHASE GPR4403 Laboratory Receiver Service manual PLEASE

A plea for HELP. We have a CHASE GPR4403 laboratory test receiver displaying UNCAL on the LCD. The operators manual describes this message as relating to a RF or IF fault. Trawling the web I find that CHASE have been taken over several times since our receiver was manufactured and emails to the new owners draw a blank. Surely there must be more than one (our) GPR4403 out there and someone MUST have service data. Is it you...or do you know a man who can help. PLEASE help me repair our Radio Club's test receiver if you possible can. Thanks in anticipation Dave Amateur Radio club of Nottingham.

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Dave Bullock
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Op donderdag 25 maart 2010 09:54:35 UTC+1 schreef Dave Bullock:

Dear Dave,

I have exactly the same problem with my Chase receiver, did you manage to fix this problem? Hope to hear from you. Many thanks Jim

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Hi guys, Did you ever get your Chase radio working again? Simon

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The problem with this units is they loose their Flash Erom memory, causing them to go into Un Calibrated state (Uncal), this is normally due the Main Batteries going Faulty or in a Non Rechargable state, being switcedh off an d un charged for a long period of time, or the unit being taken apart by so meone not realizing if the internal back up battery gets discounted or is f orced flat it will cause eRom loss.

Chase went under years back, there were one or two companies that claimed t hey could fix or re Flash the Roms, but were either unsuccesfull or very ex pensive.

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