CCTV DVR recommendations

HI I am in the market for a 8 or 9 channel CCTV DVR (digital video recorder.)

I have 700 TVL cameras so they require a recording resolution of D1 or

4CIF (both are very similar if not identical)

The attributes that the DVR *MUST* have is a full recording capability of 25 fps at full D1/4CIF on *ALL* its channels simultaneously.

so thats a global recording resource of 200 fps at D1/4CIF for a 8 ch unit and 225 fps at full D1/4CIF for a 9 channel unit.

It is required to work with android smartphones, iphones and ipads so that also means the DVR must be connectable to the internet.

I do no need PTZ controls.

Support for HDMI output.

I do need Motion detection.

Support for a DVD burnerwould be nice as well as USB and internal hard drives would be nice

Pentaplex support is also required, that is, live, record, playback, backup & stream simultaneously.

video loop through is also desired so I can feed the cameras into a bank of RF modulators so that the live pictures can then be viewed on all TV sets in the house.

Any recommendations for a bullet proof & robust make and model of DVR that does not break the bank.

I've looked at the Swann 4200. That seems OK at the price point but has no DVD burner or video loop through.

This is potentially not a deal breaker as I probably can take the 75 ohm resistors out of the RF modulators.

So some recommendations on RF modulators that have switchable or removable 75 ohm input impedance termination would be useful.

Whats peoples opinion of QVIS, Hikvision and Dahua?

I've had a look at Distributed Micros. Wading through their website makes it hard to identify which specific model can support FULL D1/4CIF recording across *ALL* channels simultaneously. They are expensive brand new so second hand off ebay or Amazon seems to the only option if I want a Distributed Micros DVR.

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I use this one:

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(the model has changed slightly since I bought mine a year ago, so you would need to check what connections are currently fitted)

I've had good support from this firm, so can recommend them.

It records 8 cameras in D1 at 25fps each. The network software works fine, either over a local LAN or remotely on an Android phone.

My only complaint is that it does not have NTP time setting, so the time stamping is not accurate. I have to reset it manually which is a pain. Perhaps the later model has NTP.

N.B. It's cheaper to buy these recorders without an HD and add your own.

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Did you mean to say HDD ?

Regards, J B Good
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Johny B Good

No, I meant to say HD. In this context it can have only one meaning.

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duly noted. I already have my own spare HDD's.

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