blurred focus on lcd monitor

A friend called complaining that his out of warranty eMachines monitor (Gateway) has developed an intermittant blured display. I have not seen it yet. While we spoke on the phone it went from blurry to sharp and back a couple of times.

It seems to me that the problem must be in the monitor itself and not in the PC'ss video.

Is this related to something that is reasonably repairable or is this monitor now a throw away?

I can handle CRT based tv and on occasion monitors , but no experience with LCD displays.

Could this be caused by a degrading lamp?

Varying brightness and contrast had no effect on sharpness.


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Lamps just illuminate they have no bearing on the focus. I would have your friend try the monitor on another PC if possible.

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Meat Plow

A soft looking picture would not be the back plane lamps. Weak back plane lamps will show a dim picture, or shading defects in the luminocity of the picture.

Check to make sure that the computer's display card is always in the native mode for the monitor. Make sure that the monitor's auto sync has been performed while the computer's display card is set up to the native mode of the monitor. These are most common causes for an LCD monitor appearing to look like it has soft focus.

As for any defects, it is possible that there is a fault with the signal processing in the monitor. There are a number of complex tasks that are performed in the functioning of the way that the monitor processes the image to the screen. This type of fault is something that you would not be able to service without swapping boards to make it function properly. At this point, the monitor would not be cost effective to service.

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More precisely, the "native resolution".

If the display's physical resolution is (for example) 1024 x 768, the card should be set to that. Many monitors can handle non-native-resolution signals, but the result is sometimes quite awful-looking.

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William Sommerwerck

Smeared pixels can be anything from A/D jitter to crappy video cables. Most commonly video cables.

Loose cable connector? Extension cable? KVM switch box? Lots of ways to create this problem.

Assumption, the mother of all screwups. Bring a laptop or another machine that has an external video connector and TEST the LCD monitor.

No. I fixed one LCD with otto focus problems by replacing the video cable.

Learn by destroying. They're easier to work with.

No. That would just cause a dim image, not a focus problem.

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