Autopsy on a failed 50W LED floodlight

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Chinese no-name YXY-FGD-50W
White goo under the LED  metal backing, only covering about 1/3 of the  
area, as originally placed blob , not fully splurged. Bowing of the  
metal at rear of the LED array , probably at original placement due to  
blob shape of the goo , only maybe worsened in use. So heatsinking via  
the periphery only , ie delayed heatsinking.

Re: Autopsy on a failed 50W LED floodlight
On Friday, June 23, 2017 at 4:09:03 AM UTC-4, N_Cook wrote:
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The 12v 5A SMPS units from China as well only have a thin seam of white thermal paste at the edge of the switching transistors to make it 'appear' properly done, there is none between the transistor and the heatsink = early failure.

I have to reapply paste on all before I use them.

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