Anyone have a working HP Scanjet 4470C scanner?

I inherited one of these from a friend, but it has no power supply, no CD-ROM, just the scanner. I rigged up a 12V power supply for it, and a couple lights come on, but it's not clear the thing is still alive. Before installing the 60mb of software I found at HP, I'd like to make sure the scanner isn't obviously DOA.

Without connecting it to the computer, when I just power up the scanner, I get two LEDs - the Power Save LED on the left, and the Color indicator on the right. There's nothing in the little LCD window. Pushing the Power Save toggle button has no effect - the LED stays on.. The same is true with the Color/B&W toggle button. No other buttons have any effect.

Is this normal for a powered-up but unconnected 4470C? Is there any kind of stand-alone powerup self test I can make it do?

Thanks for any help.

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Does it go though an initialization test so you hear a few buzzing sounds and see the scanhead position on zero? If yes, i'd say it works unless the port is blown (seen that only once).


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No, it doesn't do anything. The two LEDs come on, but nothing else happens. No movement of the scanhead. I've even tried manually moving the scan head to the middle, then powering up, but it still doesn't move at all.

Shouldn't there also be something showing in the litle LCD window? That's dark on this one.

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Without the scanner connected to the computer and seeing the drivers and software, it will not properly respond. You will have to install the software and connect the scanner to properly test it.

Make sure the power supply you are using with it is properly rated, or the the scanner may not work properly, or be damaged.

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