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Hi again, this forum did so well on identifying the tuner malfunction on my TV that now I have a question about a Sony 8 mm video PLAYER. I have an old 8mm player ( player only, no record mode ) that never got much use, but one day it just started playing tapes in the slow tape speed and will kind of jump like it's trying to switch to the higher tape speed. Everything else about it seems to work fine, and when it's not trying to jump to the next speed the slow motion is nice. Any manual, electric or optical switch that may be at fault? or what? I like to use it instead of the camera to watch my tapes...thanks, dougreed

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First thing I'd look at would be the control track head - this is a fixed head that reads pulses off the tape. Some types of players use one which is stacked with the linear audio one. A good clean wouldn't harm.

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