AVR assembler guru help required!

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Dear Sirs,

I had to start up AVR disassembly project. The system is very
complicated and never been accessible in Russia before. It uses
multiple interrupts, file system, errors handling and special
registers for microprocessor (registers/bits description is
available). Finally I mannaged to get out disassembly listing. It was
correct! Unfortunately, I'm not experienced in AVR assembler
programming and it tooks a lot of time for me to understand simple,
common used functions in AVR code. The task is to understand and
separate one of the algorithms used. I will explain more by mail
snipped-for-privacy@modul.spb.ru (not in a newsgroup)

I would be grateful, if anybody, experienced in AVR programming could
help me to understand destination of parts of the AVR code. In turn, I
could help to those who like Forth programming for different
processors to acquire suitable IDE. :)

Below there are a couple of examples from the project. I need an
explanation "for dummies" to understand their destination.

ROM:0162 sub_162:                          
ROM:0162                 clr     r0
ROM:0163                 clr     r1
ROM:0164 loc_164:                            
ROM:0164                 cpi     r16, 0
ROM:0165                 cpc     r16, r17
ROM:0166                 breq    loc_16F
ROM:0167                 lsr     r17
ROM:0168                 ror     r16
ROM:0169                 brcc    loc_16C
ROM:016A                 add     r0, r20
ROM:016B                 adc     r1, r21
ROM:016C loc_16C:                            
ROM:016C                 lsl     r20
ROM:016D                 rol     r21
ROM:016E                 rjmp    loc_164
ROM:016F loc_16F:                              
ROM:016F                 mov     r16, r0
ROM:0170                 mov     r17, r1
ROM:0171                 ret


ROM:1045                 lds     r16, unk_D11D
ROM:1047                 lds     r17, unk_D11E
ROM:1049                 ldi     r20, 9
ROM:104A                 ldi     r21, 0
ROM:104B                 call    sub_180

ROM:0180 sub_180:                                
ROM:0180                 clr     r0
ROM:0181                 clr     r1
ROM:0182                 ldi     r30, 0x10
ROM:0183 loc_183:                      
ROM:0183                 dec     r30
ROM:0184                 brmi    loc_18F
ROM:0185                 rol     r16
ROM:0186                 rol     r17
ROM:0187                 rol     r0
ROM:0188                 rol     r1
ROM:0189                 cp      r0, r20
ROM:018A                 cpc     r1, r21
ROM:018B                 brcs    loc_183
ROM:018C                 sub     r0, r20
ROM:018D                 sbc     r1, r21
ROM:018E                 rjmp    loc_183
ROM:018F loc_18F:                                
ROM:018F                 rol     r16
ROM:0190                 rol     r17
ROM:0191                 mov     r20, r0
ROM:0192                 mov     r21, r1
ROM:0193                 com     r16
ROM:0194                 com     r17
ROM:0195                 ret

Regards, Ivan

Re: AVR assembler guru help required!
Hello, Ivan!
You wrote in conference fido7.RU.EMBEDDED to All on Fri, 23 Jan 2004
15:41:30 +0300:
 IVK>  Sorry for English usage - required to pass through the gateway.
 IVK> Below there are a couple of examples from the project. I need an
 IVK> explanation "for dummies" to understand their destination.

каждую команду?

 IVK> ROM:0162 sub_162:


With best regards, Peter Kostenko.

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