PIC18F4620 SPI port issues

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I've been using the PICs for awhile now, made an MP3 player, first using
the 16F877, then the 18F452, now the 18F4620; double the usable
flash-rom in each case.  Basically, the player is nothing more than a
data shifting device, from the hard drive to the PIC, out to the STA013,
out to the speakers.
 From the start, the SPI has been working just fine on the PICs.  Now
that I've switched over to the 18F4620, the SPI doesn't work anymore!
I know there is a couple of configuration differences between the 18F452
and the 18F4620, I've accounted for those.  But...
I've also read in a few posts here and there (some on Microchip's
website) about various problems with newer PICs, and a lot of these
aren't documented in the errata...
So...the question is...has anybody successfully used the 18F4620 SPI?


Re: PIC18F4620 SPI port issues

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Yes, no problems here using 18F4620 with a 40 MHz clock (10MHz crystal)
and the SPI running at 10 Mb/s. However, I didn't use the interrupts
of the SPI-bus.

Grtz, Teuniz

Re: PIC18F4620 SPI port issues

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I remember a silicon errata (DS80224B Page 9 - SPI module eratta & work
Could this be related.?


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