I2C Slave problem

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Hi All,

I'm experiencing problems with CCS C 3.224 and slave I2C.

Sending data from master to slave works without problems, but when I
try to read data from the slave then the data becomes corrupt. (The
master receives the data right shifted one bit so if I send 0xCC the
master receives 0x66, if I send 0x80 then 0x40 is received etc)

The code is based on Application Note 734 with state 5 logic and
i2c_write code fixed according to other peoples examples on the 'net.

CODE (all non-I2C code is removed for clarity)

#include <16F872.h>
#device *16%
#device adc=8
#use delay(clock20%000000)
#use i2c(SLAVE, SDA=PIN_C4, SCL=PIN_C3, address=0x44, FORCE_HW, SLOW)

#byte SSPBUF_REG   = 0x13

#bit  SSPCON_CKP   = 0x14.4
#bit  SSPCON_SSPOV = 0x14.6
#bit  SSPCON_WCOL  = 0x14.7

#byte SSPSTAT_REG  = 0x94
#bit  SSPSTAT_BF   = 0x94.0

typedef unsigned char Uint8_t;

void i2c_write_ex(Uint8_t data)
{  // Wait until buffer empty
  while (SSPSTAT_BF)

    SSPCON_WCOL = 0;
    SSPBUF_REG = data;
  } while (SSPCON_WCOL);

  SSPCON_CKP = 1; // Release clock

void i2c_isr()
  Uint8_t tmp;
  Uint8_t status;
  status = SSPSTAT_REG;

  switch (status & 0b00101101)
    case 0b00001001: // Master write address (State1)
      tmp = SSPBUF_REG; // Read address and throw away
    case 0b00101001: // Master write data (State2)
      tmp = SSPBUF_REG;
    case 0b00001100: // Master read (address byte) (State3)
    case 0b00101100: // Master read (data byte)    (State4)
    case 0b00101000: // Master NAK (State5)
      SSPCON_CKP = 1;
      // Error
    SSPCON_SSPOV = 0;  // Reset overflow
    tmp = SSPBUF_REG;

void main()

  for (;;)

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