MPLAB SIM - Status register...

With C18, I can specify the Status Z register with "STATUSbits.Z"
Can I do something similar with MPLAB SIM in the watch window? Or just list
the whole STATUS register?
I see there is a lower case "n ov z dc c" at the bottom of MPLAB. Then some
of these change to upper case when the program is stopped.
Like: "n ov Z DC C". So I assume that means they are set or 1. And in this
case the STATUS in the watch window shows red 0x07 which would seem to
confirm that...
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FYI - I found the following MPLAB cheat sheet which explains the various things on the status bar (page 5)...
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Thanks for that. I am sure it will be useful. Saved for future reading.
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Ian M

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