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I have been messing with picstart again. I use it mainly for isp programming
often it fails.
so I got fed up with this and started to wonder why.
I have always used a 10k pull up on mclr and a diode.
http://www.dessy.ru/kitlab/PICSTARTER+.html on pins 1/ 4/ 14/ 32/ 40

from there I got a schematic and noticed that mclr is pulled low with a 5.1k
so I my pull-up
is now 33k
because I think the 10k was not being pulled low enough and not allowing pic
to reset.

What value resistor do you use as a pull up on mclr ?


this is the second post the first never showed up

Re: micro

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Microsoft Outlook Express was/is notorius for not showing the post(s) you have
just sent.

You do have a reply to your original post:

Subject: Picstart plus

Regards, Ren

Re: micro

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Thanks Ren

 I still cant see my first post or any reply  could some repost in this
thread please

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