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Computer Solutions has added a powerful self selection search capability to
their Micro-Search web-based 8051 microcontroller database, allowing users
to specify in detail those features they require in a micro.

MicroSearch, which now includes details of more than 1,000 chips from over
55 manufacturers, allows customised searching for features such as number of
I/O pins, number of timers, power consumption, speed and special interfaces
supported. As a result, users can match the right micro to their exact

The Self Search Micro-Search reporting facility  uses a feature selection
form that enables the user to specify the parameters to be displayed in the
final report and any requirements on which microcontrollers are to be

For example, the user may only be interested in microcontrollers with three
external interrupts, more than ten I/O bits and more than 8 Mbyte of flash
program space. He might also wish to know their idling power and what
packages are available. Once these requirements are entered, the search
facility automatically identifies devices that meet the criteria and prints
a detailed report.

Micro-Search is part of Comsol's 'Embedded Information Zone', a growing
reference directory for designers which can be accessed at


Visit our web site http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk - keep it book marked
as in the "Information Zone" we have published a number of free services for
Embedded Engineers -

          1) Micro-Search - our searchable database of 1000 + chip specs
                          from 55 different 8051 manufacturers

          2) Support Tools Directory - shows the development tools
                           available for over 100 microprocessor families

           3) The Embedded Web - 330 + links to useful sites from Chip
                           Manufacturers to software algorithms


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