Help us celebrate the Embedded Tools Web Shop's second birthday

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We are celebrating with a cake and sticky wine......

We thought of sending portions out with each sale but TCP/IP has not yet
been extended to the "Matter Transmission Protocol" so instead we are
offering a 10% discount on all orders placed on the web shop for 2 weeks
between the 3rd and 14th of April

So for a limited period you can now obtain any of the following for 10% less
than the normal price

    BDM/JTAG Tools for Debug and flash programming from  P&E and Abatron
             for 68HC(S)08, (S)12, 16, 68K, ColdFire, PPC, ARM, MIPS

    C Compilers & Assemblers from  Hi-tech, IAR, Cosmic, Keil, Paradigm and
             For everything from PIC, dsPIC, 8051, 68HCS08, HC(S)12, 68K,
through to ARM,

    CAN & LIN interfaces from Peak and Lawicel

    USB Protocol Analysers for USB-1 and USB-2 from Elllisys

    Windows Driver development packages for PCI and USB from Jungo

    ROM Emulators from MSD

    Universal Programmers from Hi-Lo

    RS232 Diagnostics from Paladin

    Portable and bench LAs and DSOs from Link

So go along to the Embedded Development Tools Web Shop by following this

Our aim is to make it the premier site for Embedded Engineers

( now the legal bit..... orders from customers who do not have a COMSOL
credit account must be paid for by credit card, bank transfer or a sterling
cheque by monday the 10th April.  If we are out of stock on any items we
will supply it after the deadline giving the 10% discount to any customers
that otherwise fulfill the above conditions )

Regards,  Chris

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Computer Solutions Ltd.         Phone:  +44  (0)1 932 829 460
1a New Haw Road,                  Fax:    +44  (0)1 932 840 603
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KT15 2BZ  England

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