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I have allways used ASM51 to compile my 8051 .asm code but I find it doesnt
work on Vista.
Looking for Assembly compiler/assembler for the 8051 series that works under
I know there are C compilers, but I am looking for .asm
Thanks in advance

Re: 8051 Compiler

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I don't work in Work in windows any more; but, I used to use a
multi-processor, table based assembler called TASM.  It worked well for my
purposes at the time.  Cannot be sure that it works under Vista.  The best
that I can tell is that it is shareware and the home page seems to be:


It may be worth your while to try.  If it doesn't work directly under
vista, you might still use it inside of DOSbox on Windows:

http://www.dosbox.com /

Alternatively, you could install a small partition with DOS 6.22 or

Re: 8051 Compiler

snipped-for-privacy@ilthio.net says...
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DOS Box is probably the best way to go.
I use it under Vista 64 Ultimate to run a bunch of old DOS tools.
Just try to stay away from long filenames, all that ~1, ~2 crap can get

Re: 8051 Compiler

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You might try this, running under cygwin on WinDoze.  I use cygwin
regularly under XP and it is rock solid.  I've not used this compiler,
but it's been around a long time now:


Tim Daneliuk     snipped-for-privacy@tundraware.com
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