unable to get Networking in Solution engine board - TX error in dmesg

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Hi ,
I have a Hitachi Solution engine board for which i m trying to get the
I have built the Root file system from scratch having all the necessary
entries for Networking.
( i installed all redhat packages for building the
Root file system - nettools for Networking)

But still the Network is not up.( this i have verified by pinging from
other systems, Even arping is not working)

I have checked for the important networking scripts such as


All are fine.basically there are two interfaces in my board

Some Details:

1 . when I type ifconfig i m able to get all the information required
such as
IP address and others.

Except the Mac address
The mac address looks something like this.

Is it correct to have like this??

2. when i type arp i got the output like this

$ /sbin/arp

hardware address

3. When i tried to do arping it gets failed.

4. i checked the dmesg.

it shows something like TX error: dirty_bit bla bla.......

I feel the problem is with finding the Mac address...

Please share with me you views and suggestions and any other ideas.

BTW, im a newbie to Linux Networking .

Although this topic is relevant to Networking, I have posted here so
that any body having expericne with Solution engine boards can help me.

Thanks in advance.


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