ucLinux/ARM nommu/PAGE_OFFSET?


According to a test in mmnommu/page_alloc.c, PAGE_OFFSET must be a multiple of

512*4K=2MB. If this is not the case, the code display the following message: "BUG: wrong zone alignment, it will crash"

Why there is such a limitation? Is this limitation really mandatory.

Also, it seems the VMALLOC_START (at least for armnommu port) is allocated


Is this mandatory too, or can this VMALLOC offset be reduced?

(I have only 16 MB of memory so this 8 MB stuff is really to much for me).

At last, with 16 MB of memort, what would be an "optimal" value for PAGE_OFFSET?

Thanks in advance for any answer

Francois Menneteau - Software Engineer, MIPSYS
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