Two nodes under /dev/EEPROM/ for one EEPROM

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I have an 24c64 EEPROM wired via i2c on an embedded device. I want to
"partition" the EEPROM so that I have one node /dev/EEPROM/0 for system
and environment stuff, and another entry /dev/EEPROM/1 for custom data
for the application.
I thought to write a driver for the second device and limit the usage
of the first one. But I guess that would be bad practice when
concurrent access to the EEPROM happens.

What would be a good way to achieve this? Do you think it's possible at


Re: Two nodes under /dev/EEPROM/ for one EEPROM

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If you use MTD devices, you can have /dev/mtd/0 as the whole EEPROM,
/dev/mtd/1 as the first partition, /dev/mtd/2 as the second partition and so

Take a look at it: Memory Technology Devices
They are eg. used in the D-Box2, where the complete system sits on an 8M
flash chip; there are different partitions (booloader, / (ro-fs), /var
(rw-fs) and so on.


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