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I'm working with a mp5200-based board which is equipped with a vga
display.  Framebuffer console is enabled in the kernel and works if
enabled via commandline.  During development I have used a serial console
because it's easier to read boot messages etc, but now the application
developer needs the serial port and kernel messages would disturb his

I could configure his device differently or -- if possible -- switch the
console from serial to fbcon after booting has completed.  Is this
possible?  My experiments with "switch_root -c /dev/tty0 newroot" and
"setconsole /dev/tty0" (both busybox) didn't create any error messages but
they didn't prohibit kernel messages either.

Is it possible at all to tell the kernel to output it's messages to a
different console after booting?


Vitus Jensen, Hannover, Germany, Earth, Universe (current)

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