Which board..

I am a newbie and want to strip the linux kernel and cross compile flash it to a device and boot this new kernel / boot using tftp..

If possible, I am also want to change the boot loader..

  1. Can you suggest boards/ configuration for these boards.. My budget is around 0 - 0.. I want to understand how cable tv box / dvd players work ultimately.

  1. I want to learn building devices ground up.. any suggestion along this line are also welcome..


-- Thanks and Regards Ramya Krishnan

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Hi, There are major chip vendors like ST,Connexant and Broadcom who can provide you some reference boards to play around.All these vendors are into the market of Set top box and DVD player related products.AFAIK ST provides linux based development boards too.One problem with all these vendors is you need to convince them that you are going to buy in large quantities their chipsets.If you are working for a company and thinking in those lines,this would be the best option. All these vendors also provide some application with drivers and bootloaders for you to learn and experience the capabilities of the board.

Incase you are looking for some tech stuff related STB please mail me to snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com and I have few documents for you to understand basic stuff.

Regards, s.subbarayan

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