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I am developing an embedded device using Linux.
I would like to protect my software from running on
unathorized hardware. I do not want a situation when
somebody take my softwer, buy an embedded computer
and run my programs on it.
I use ICOP's Mity SoC hardware -- it is possible to
detect type of a processor (is it M6177D or the other).
Maybe you know the other way of protecting software?

Thanks for a suggestions,

Re: Software protection
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I'm not familiar with the hardware, but if you're planning to simply
ask the CPU which processor you're running on as a measure of copy
protection, why not take it once step further and develop some of your
code to use instructions only implemented on that processor? Most
compilers have an option to "optimize" for a certain CPU, but you may
also find the option to "specialize" for a certain CPU. You could also
replace some of your code with inline assembly.

If there are enough Mity SOC-specific instructions, it should not be
possible to run your software on any other processor.

Re: Software protection
Hi Vicky,
I used an ICOP device, too. You can program the flash/eprom with an id
code and ask for it by your software. Or you can calculate a checksum
over system characterizing data (processor type, amount of ram/rom,
perhaps you have an ethernet mac address...)


Re: Software protection

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And... Keep your software outside of the GPL trap... If you have to
open-source your code it has not much use trying to code protection into


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