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I have weird problem when I start a Telnet or FTP connection from my
WinXP PC to my embedded Linux computer. Both the PC and embedded
computer have fixed IP addresses but when they are isolated on their
own switch it takes exactly 10 seconds to get through. The odd thing is
if I connect this switch to the building network, that has a standard
router since all other computers use DHCP, the connection is instant.

I quote the IP address of the embedded computer, so it shouldn't be a
name look up, but nevertheless it takes 10 seconds if no router is

I am pretty sure it is something simple, but what?



Re: Slow connection process

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It's probably somekind of DNS trouble anyway. Try adding

first.ip somehostname
second.ip anotherhostname

to c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (other versions of Windows probably
uses another folder to ensure compatibility) and to /etc/hosts

Lasse Jensen [fafler at g mail dot com]
Linux, the choice of a GNU generation.

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