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Can someone recommend a screen recording utility for Linux,
something like Macromedia Captivate or Course Maker for Windows?

I need the software which can record everything I do on desktop
or some program including mouse movements. And I dont need any
of those AVI or MPG recorders, I need it to be able to save or
export to swf or fla format. Avi recorders combined with AVI2SWF
convertors are no use because they make series of screenshots
and put them into swf causing large files.

Someone recommended mi vnc2swf. Please, recommend anything else
that you know of, I wanna know is there something more advanced
than this?

If not, is there a way to make Macromedia Captivate work under
Linux? (maybe dumb question, but I am fresh user of Linux

Thank you for any advice you have!

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