[Q] Porting asterisk to Linksys WRTP54G router

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The Linksys RTP300/WRTP54G routers and PAP2v2 are all based on a TI AR7
chipset. There has been some Work-in-Progress to port OpenWRT firmware
to the AR7 platform for quite sometimes and never fruitfull. I am in a
need to port and run an asterisk on my Linksys WRTO54G router. For
this, I tried the TI-toolchain that I extracted from a Linksys WAG54GV2
firmware source I downloaded from a Linksys FTP site a las the
compilation can not proceed because of missing ncurses and termcap
libraries. I rebuilt these two libraries and am still not able to
finish compiled asterisk for AR7, i.e. errors on final linking stage. I
wonderd if anyone out here has managed to port/compile asterisk source
code to an AR7 platform. If so, can you please help?

Re: Porting asterisk to any router with TI AR7

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Looks like no one has ever done an asterisk port to a Linksys WRTP54G
:(. What about porting asterisk to a Fritz box and/or any router that
is based on a TI AR7 chipset?

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