pSos partition with linux

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In pSos a partition is a block of memory divided into a set of equal
sized buffers (pt_create, pt_getbuf, etc).
Is there a Linux tool object or library for managing shared memory like
a pSos partition?

Thanks a lot

Re: pSos partition with linux

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The closest match in Linux is a memory pool (linux/mempool.h),
starting somewhere in 2.5.x.

However, you can effectively ignore that and implement your
pSOS calls with kmalloc/kfree. The Linux memory allocation
is very efficient and if you use a lot of same-size objects
fragmentation is not much of an issue either.

In userspace, the closest equivalent to a pSOS process is a
Linux thread. You don't need anything special to share memory
between them. Here, as well, you can re-implement the pSOS
calls with simple malloc/free.

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