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I'd like to measure the amount of RAM required by a single process, but it
turned to be a non-trivial task because of demand paging, dynamic
libraries and fork() usage.

In Solaris it's pretty easy to get what I want using pmap. It shows
the whole application virtual memory and, amongst other things, the RSS
for each region/area.

Unfortunately, this feature has not been implemented in the Linux pmap
port as it just lists region attributes and size, probably because
the info I look for cannot be gathered directly from the /proc dir.

Any hint about this?


Re: pmap in Linux

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Not that this would help you finding a value but there is much more to

At a given point of time, maximum on this run, maximum ever possible,
average, minimum, or .... ?

(Minimum usually is 0 as the process can be swapped out completely).

BTW.: The value also depends on the system. E.g. with a non compressed
RAM file system Linux can "load" a process without allocating any
additional RAM for the code pages, as the code already is in RAM.


Re: pmap in Linux
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Right. Those are my final goals. But how could I calculate their values
if I don't know how to get the instantaneous RAM usage?

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