Looking For The Best Classroom Course(s) To Learn Software Embedded Engineering? [closed]

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What are the best courses to learn Embedded Engineering?

I'm a good programmer in just about any computer language you can mention. But for example, I don't know how to use the multitude of protocols to talk to the various types of hardware.

Some easy examples of these protocols are the 1553 bus and UART. There are many more that I could list.

I'm looking for a well-rounded course or courses to learn Embedded Programming. What should I learn? What are the best classroom courses?

Anyway, I'm not interested in taking an academic course at some university. It would take months to finish, etc.

Would an online course be the best option available? What are the online Embedded Engineering courses?

Why do you like the course that you mention?

Thank you,

P.S.: I apologize if this is an off-topic subject.

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