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We have a couple of versions of Linux for a CPU we're using.

The later build gives us a problem we haven't sorted yet, so we are still
selling and sending out the older one.

The older one doesn't find half the actual memory, the later one works
fine. Sadly one of our customers is now short of memory space ( ain't it
always the way )

Question is - does Linux expect something like Redboot to TELL it what
physical memory map exists, or does the start-up code probe for it?

I know that the BIOS on a PC used to do this so Windoze/DOS wasn't poking
around in it's own memory, but I have no idea where the responsibility
lies under Linux.

Basically I'm trying to work out if there is a source file in the new
linux build we can nick, and put into the previous build, to make the
other memory magically available.

David Collier

email can be sent to , under name from_usenet@

Re: Linux memory probe
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It would be easier to give specific instructions if you told
the kernel versions in question and the target hardware

The memory probe is in the architecture-dependent source
directory, file setup.S.

If the sources are in the usual place (/usr/src/linux), the
setup file for i386 PC architecture is in

For 2.4.27 kernel sources, have a look at code starting
at the label meme820:



Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio (at) iki fi

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