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I'm putting together my 1st embedded linux system
using the 2.4.18 kernel downloaded from

CPU: PowerPC 603E
Bus: PCI
Ethernet Controller: Intel 21143
Serial: Z85233

The software that ran on this hardware most recently
is based on VxWorks 5.3. From its board support package
I gleaned the following.

How do I configure the tulip (21143) and Z85233 drivers
to use this address info ? I know linux drivers are supposed
to do autodetection of hardware but don't they need
some configuration infol ?

Bob Beck

ETHERNET - TULIP Intel 21143 ethernet chip...

#define TULIP_CONFIG_ADDRESS           (0x80840000)
#define PCI_BASE_ADDRESS               (0xc0000000)
#define TULIP_BASE_ADDRESS             (0xc0060000)

SERIAL - z85233...

#define SERIAL1_BASE_ADDRESS           (0xc002f000)
#define SERIAL2_BASE_ADDRESS           (0xc002f400)
#define SERIAL3_BASE_ADDRESS           (0xc002f800)

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