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Does anyone know of a "navigation type" keypad that has up, down, right.
left arrows arranged in a diamond pattern, and 8 function/select keys?

I know I could just use a cheap 3x4 keypad and re-label it but I'd like
something more professional looking....


Re: keypads
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The Belkin Nostromo speedpad n52 might fill some of those needs:

It works as a USB keyboard and a USB mouse. By placing the left hand on
the keys you have the keys tab - R, caps-lock - F and shift - C. At the
thumb you have a keypad which when pressed generates arrow key events.
Below the thumb there is a key working as a space bar and above the thumb
the orange button is working as the alt key. The scroll wheel acts as a
scroll wheel on a mouse even though there is no way to generate mouse
movements or button press events.

regards Henrik
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