Kernel stops when MMU is enabled

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I'm working on a MPC8248 based custom made board. I used u-boot 1.1.4
as boot loader and a Linux 2.4.18 kernel. The rather old kernel is due
to compatibility with an older MPC8xx based board and custom
implementations in the kernel.

The boot loader is installed in flash and the kernel is uploaded via
Ethernet to SDRAM at 0x00500000 (SDRAM physical base address is
0x00000000). The control is handed over from the boot loader to the
kernel and the basic settings are made. When the kernel has configured
the MMU (SDRAM address translation to 0xC0000000) it call rfi (in
arc/ppc/kernel/head.S) and the kernel stops or crashes. As far as I can
see the SRR0 contains the correct address and he BAT settings are also
correct according to the datasheet.

Any suggestions on what to look for?


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