IO redirection or wedge or VSP

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I am using some cross-development tools running on cygwin. I have two
utils, one is a terminal-cli type program which talks to the target via
a jtag interface, and one is a debugger which expects to talk to the
target via a standard serial port. No source exists for either one. I'd
like to redirect the IO such that the debugger sp uses the jtag
interface with something like:

The '<>' is supported in at least one shell (amigaOS I believe). Is this
type of redirection possible in any of the common shells? What else do I
need? virtual sps, a KB wedge?


Re: IO redirection or wedge or VSP

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I am part of the way there with:

%jterm > /dev/com1

Which works, but the com port defaults to the wrong baud. Is there a way
to set this on the command line or change the default in windows?


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