EtherCAT protocol questions

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I apologize if my query id off-topic here, as I could not find a
suitable newsgroup to post to. I am interested in the details of the
frame structure of the EtherCAT protocol. I visited,
but the documentation there is very high level. I understand the
algorithm very well, but I have some
questions regarding the Ethercat frame structure. I am doing my PhD in
electronics, and wish to implement this protocol on some embedded
devices (motes). Given that the protocol typically runs over a network
with a master and several slave devices, and that the EtherCAT frame
is a basically an Ethernet frame with a different payload, but same

1. What are the destination and source MAC addresses in the Ethernet
frame -- given that now each slave device in the network will receive
the same EtherCAT frame, and all EtherCAT data/information is the
EtherCAT specific payload. Basically what destination address does the
master put in the Ethernet header of an outgoing frame -- maybe its
own so that the last slave device can create a frame to the master. Or
does the master send out the frame with the MAC address of the last
slave device ?
2. Each EtherCAT frame consists of an EtherCAT frame and the PDO and
the WC ('working counter' ) What exactly is this, and why is it
there ?

Any hints/suggestions or pointers to documentation would be greatly
appreciated. I apologize once again, if this is off-topic here.

Re: EtherCAT protocol questions
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Let me google that for you: looks pretty good to me

Re: EtherCAT protocol questions
Short answer here:

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