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I am trying to boot an IXP1200eb with linux. During the configuration
of boot options in cygmon , i try to set items 2 and 3

  1 BOOTP/Manual (manual)
  2 Local IP (
  3 Remote IP (
  4 Linux kernel file name (zImage)
  5 Linux ramdisk file name (ramdisk_img.gz)
  6 Linux kernel load offset (C0808000)
  7 Linux boot command line string ()
  8 Countdown to auto-boot Linux (1)
 Enter option number (1 to 8), "q" to quit, "s" to save:

However, it does not accept and as valid IP
When I try to set the IP it gives the following error..

Local IP (in dotted decimal notation):
Illegal lip, try again!

Is ther anyway that i can set these IPs? I tried s lip and s rip
commands also. Those commands give no error messages, but again tftp
does not work with the IP addresses..


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