compiling 'gdbserver' with uclibc toolchain

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Hello, All!

Tried to compile gdbserver-6.3 for ARM target and failed. I'm using
uClibc-0.9.15 and following these steps:
1) cd $GDB_SRC/gdbserver
2) ./configure --target=arm-linux
3) make CC=$gcc LD=$ld

Got the error:

/opt/toolchain/arm/gcc-3.2/toolchain/bin/arm-linux-gcc -c -Wall -g -O2    -I.
  -I. -I./..regformats -I.../..include -I..../bfd -I...../bfd linux-arm
linux-arm-low.c:26:21: sys/reg.h: No such file or directory

Seems like it expects sys/reg.h in GDB source directory?

With best regards, Roman Mashak.  E-mail:

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