Compact Flash implementation using the PowerPC UPM

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I would like to know if a linux driver exists that uses the UPM (User
Programmable Machine) of the PowerPC (I use the MPC8247) to control a
Compact Flash as in the following application notes :

If not, what would you suggest to implement a Compact Flash interface to the
MPC8247 (this one doesn't have the PCMCIA interface) ?  I have looked at PCI
to ATA chips but the only one available in Canada I found and supported by
Linux (Silicon Image Sii0680ACL144) dissipates 1.2W (almost as much as the
PowerPC itself...).  This is way too much for my embedded platform.

Guillaume Fournier
Hardware Designer
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Re: Compact Flash implementation using the PowerPC UPM
Good to hear someone else is looking at CF.

CF cards operate in a similar way to hard disks.
That is via an 8 task file registers: data, sector count, 4 off sector/head
registers and command register.
The electrical interface can be memory mapped, IO mapped, or true-ide mode.
In all cases, talking to the drive is largly the same as talking to a
standard hard drive.

The problem (and the one I have) is hacking the kernel to support specific
IO routines.
The main routines are stored in a structure elements hwif->INB, hwif->OUTB
Replace these with your own routines and you should be able to mount the

Let me know how you get on as I am attempting this myself.

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