C Developp for Embedded linux

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I was used Turbo C for DOS
I am developping now , a  new software for embedded linux( we used an LCD
1/4 VGA, ethernet, ans USB ) ( no keyboard but possibility to use a mouse)
I don't know where are the best debugger (easy to use like Turbo C)
I try gdb but it is not very usefull.

Re: C Developp for Embedded linux

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gdb is extremely useful - it is widely used for all sorts of debugging
tasks, and is the standard for linux debugging.  However, if by "not very
useful" you mean "not very easy to use" or "no nice gui", then you are
right - it is vastly more flexible and powerful than Turbo C's debugger, but
has a much steeper learning curve.  What you want to  do is use a gui
front-end to gdb, giving you the best of both worlds.  Commonly used
front-ends are Insight (which is standard for modern gdb builds), gvd, gps,
ddd and emacs.

Re: C Developp for Embedded linux
Kakrocq emitted:

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What is Turbo C?
Is it a addon for gcc to make it faster ?



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