block driver problem

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Hi All,

          I am writting a custom block driver for sd mem card in which
there is need to call the add_disk api based on some event (like when
card is inserted in to the host) for that i am using the workqueue
from where i am calling the add_disk after getting card insertion
signal from sd host .

the problem i am facing is as soon as i am calling the add_disk from
workqueue the request queue function is getting invoked and after
satisfying all the request from the request queue any code that is
written after the add_disk in the workqueu is not getting invoked (i
mean to say is control is not going back to the workqueue )

i tried to find about it on google but i didn't get any success in
that .

any kind of help is appreciated as i am unable to figure out why this
is happening .



Re: block driver problem

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Is your SD card driver also loaded during insertion?

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add_disk() can misbehave if called before your driver is sufficiently
initialized to handle requests

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