ATA security issues using hdpram

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I am trying to password lock an HDD using hdpram security feature set.
I am able to lock the drive using hdpram, but after hard-boot the
system I am not able to unlock the drive. It gives me I/O errors
saying the drive is busy. The commands tried to lock/unlock the drive
are as below:

1) Lock the drive using a password:

#hdparm --security-mode h --user-master u --security-set-pass "ABC" /

Poweroff the system and then boot it again. After next boot-up the
drive is shown as locked when verified with hdpram -I /dev/sda now
unlock the drive using the following command.

2) #hdparm --user-master u --security-unlock "ABC"  /dev/sda

the command fails with following errors:

status timeout: status=0xd0 { Busy }
failed opcode was: 0xf2
no DRQ after issuing MULTWRITE_EXT
status error: status=0x00 { }
failed opcode was: 0xf6
no DRQ after issuing MULTWRITE_EXT

the hdpram version used in 9.27 and linux kernel version is 2.6.14 Is
there anything that is missing??

Thanks in Advance.

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