alloc_pages_exact vs. alloc_pages

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In order to save memory, is there any downside to using
alloc_pages_exact instead of alloc_pages?

Re: alloc_pages_exact vs. alloc_pages /

"alloc_pages_exact() is similar to alloc_pages(), except that it allocates
the minimum number of pages to fulfill the request.  This is useful if you
want to allocate a very large buffer that is slightly larger than an
even power-of-two number of pages.  In that case, alloc_pages() will waste
a lot of memory."


"2379  * alloc_pages_exact - allocate an exact number  
physically-contiguous pages.
2380  * @size: the number of bytes to allocate
2381  * @gfp_mask: GFP flags for the allocation
2382  *
2383  * This function is similar to alloc_pages(), except that it  
allocates the
2384  * minimum number of pages to satisfy the request.  alloc_pages() can  
2385  * allocate memory in power-of-two pages."

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