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Testing a pm dc motor
180 vdc, 1 hp, pm motor. with dmm what should be the first tests? motor is in a difficult location to examine visually so i'd like to start with electrical evaluation. it measures 1.2 ohms between the...
Looking for a schematic/suggestions
The goal: A power supply that outputs a solidly regulated +5.0VDC at 500+mA under load, fed from a ridiculously variable input supply - basically anything that can feed it enough juice to give the...
Op-amp differential amplifier
Op-amp differential amplifier has much wider range of input signals comparing to differential amplifier with discrete components. Read more: and also simulate:
CATV RF Notch Filter
Hi, I am looking for a source where I can buy an RF notch filter for CATV. One source I found via Google is I sent an email to Later that same day, I received a reply!!! In the reply I was asked for...
Of battery terminals & grease
There are some members of electronic forums that suggest coating automotive battery posts with grease ("any king--axle, lithium, copper") before attaching cable-end clamps to the posts and swear that...
Comcast Digital Cable Frequencies Chart
Hi, I did a Google search for Comcast digital cable frequencies spectrum chart ("comcast digital cable"+"frequecies spectrum" and I tried "comcast digital cable"+"frequencies chart"), but it did not...
Relaxation Oscillator as a perfect example of regenerative feedback
Relaxation Oscillator circuit is a perfect example of regenerative feedbac k that is special case of positive feedback. Simple and efficient, this cir cuit is practical for students labs and still...
DC-DC converters basic topologies online simulations
DC-DC converters are essential power supply circuits for modern electronic equipment today. Five basic topologies are ready now for online simulation. Visit them on:
Use Fitbit Offline
Hello, everyone. One of my Xmas gifts was a Fitbit Flex wristband. I haven't set it up yet but it appears you must go online to do this. I absolutely don't like being tied in to a website to use the...
Glass Capacitors & Tantalum Capacitors for Sale
Glass Capacitors & Tantalum Capacitors for Sale Richard Maxwell (818)399-1158 text your message or call me or
Lithium battery capacities (18650).
Having discovered that recycling bins in various shops are a good source of lithium battery packs that can be put to various uses, I notice quite a spread in claimed Ah capacities on the information...
New Article
Hi ! I have published an article about the old 186. You can find it under my home-page at See you Dario Tratzi
Differential Amplifier is an input stage of every op-amp
Generally, if input stage of an operational amplifier is realized as BJT tr ansistor differential amplifier, op-amp has smaller slew rate, smaller volt age offset and better CMRR. If it's realized as...
Op-amp voltage offset cancellation
Combination of one fast op-amp with large slew rate and large voltage offse t with one op-amp with small slew rate and small voltage offset and low pas s filter can be used for amplification input AC...
Current mirror
Current mirror is inevitable part of input stage of operational amplifiers. Current mirror behaves almost as perfect current source in small current signals application and it has excellent...